The Twins


The twins came about because my roommate decided it was time for him to get a stereo. I ended up helping him get a pretty decent deal on a Yamaha RXV520, two pairs of JBL S26 bookshelf speakers and a JBL S-Center. But when it came time for the sub, nothing in his price range seemed worthy of the rest of the stereo. What to do?

After my Tempest was completed it spent the summer at my parents place. After it left my mother kinda missed it. Two people want subs, duh, hello Dustin. I had just enough 18" sonotube left over to build a pair of 12" sonosubs. So the plan was hatched and I came up with the following design:

Parents liked the plan, roommate liked the plan. So I ordered the parts from Acoustic Visions.

Contact me if you have any questions.
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