What's my upgraditus really lusting after?

I'm really quite happy with my video right now. So I'll be waiting for hidef DVD and television to become more prevelant before I consider an upgrade to my video. When it does become prevelant, I'm also sure there will be even better value projectors than the PT-L300U. With better blacks, brighter, longer bulb life and the ability to take full advantage of hidef resolutions.

For speakers I have two plans. One for if I have a lot of money to spend, one for if I don't. With a lack of funds I'll go for Adire's XBL^2 enabled version of the HE10.1 or 12.1 (6 or 7 of them) that will hopefully be available when I'm ready to buy. If I have the money to spend I'll definatly try and make some Lambda Unity Horns happen though. These suckers are expensive even in kit form (run well over $1000USD per speaker by the time you added the midbass unit and finished the cabinet) and aren't even really available now, but would be well worth the effort to get. Not sure what I'd use for the midbass units or if I'd actively biamp or not.

I'd also like to eventually get to seperates. I'm thinking the Outlaw Audio 950 pre/pro (or Atlantic Technologies clone of it) or some other used Pre/Pro (a balanced Lexicon MC12 would be a dream come true) to be mated with some used Parasound amps or Crest/Crown/QSC pro audio amps. Hopefully the 950 will have some competition for me to choose from by the time I'm ready to buy a pre/pro. The other option is using a HTPC as a pre/pro. Can't quite be done effectively yet, but it's getting close. I hope it happens as this would be great for some many reasons.

I'll be keeping the Tempest for a while. But now that I know I'll be in Saskatoon for a least a few more years I'm gonna try and manage getting an infinite baffle sub setup (next to seperates, will be last on my list though). With either 4 Tempests, 2 Tumults or maybe I'll get lucky and Adire will release an XBL^2 enabled Tempest in which case I'll go for 4 of those. Add a QSC PLX or Parasound amp along with my BFD and there will be very few setups whos' bass I would envy. Although for neighbor and selling the house reasons I'll more than likely end up with a dual driver sealed sonosub next using an Adire XBL^2 driver if I do decide to replace the Tempest.

I hope to realize as much of this dreaming as possible as soon as possible. I'll always accept donations, just send me an e-mail and I'll give you the address were you can send checks to the "Cure Dustin of Upgraditus Fund."

Contact me if you have any questions.
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